# Tokenomics

# What is Matter Labs' business model?

Currently, the service operates as close as possible to break-even costs and will remain so until the system becomes decentralized. To safely compensate for the expenses, from time to time zkSync adjusts its fees to keep up with the gas price changes. This the reason why, for example, you can see zkSync fees getting slightly higher (respectively lower) when the gas prices on the mainnet increase (resp. decrease). Note that zkSync transfer fees always remain over 20 times cheaper for ETH (and nearly 100 times cheaper for ERC20 tokens) than the ones on the mainnet.

We plan to launch our token in the future. Our business model will be expressed through it.

# Token, participation and governance

Our efforts and focus have been so far dedicated for the development of zkSync and its security. As zkSync evolves and the community around it grows, we are allocating more resources to zkSync governance structure. This is still in a very early stage, and we encourage community members to be active in this process.

Here are answers to some common questions we have been asked.

# Will zkSync have a native token?


# When? How can I get the token?

We intend to distribute the majority of the network government rights to our community. Please follow our news to get all the important updates.

# How will it work?

The token will be used for zkSync governance. In addition, when zkSync becomes fully decentralized, the token will be used for staking in order to become a validator in the zkSync network. More details to come.