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The future-proof zkEVM scaling Ethereum's security and values

One with Ethereum

zkSync Era is the layer 2 protocol that scales Ethereum's security and values through zero-knowledge cryptography. zkSync's mission is not only to increase Ethereum's throughput but to fully preserve its foundational values — at scale. Every decision for the protocol is judged against our core principles.

We believe in


Math & Open Source

Trustless Security

Resilience via Decentralization

Community Ownership

Ethereum Native

Hyperscalability: the endgame

To meet web3's exponential demand, blockchains needs to scale like the Internet: processing an unlimited number of transactions without a marginal impact on security or cost. We call this property hyperscalability, and this is what Era is designed for.

Airtight Security

ZK-rollups are the only scaling solution that can inherit 100% of Ethereum's security, and zkSync is committed to go the extra mile to make Era the most secure L2.

12 months

One full year of live testnet


Testnet transactions


Spent on audits & bounties

A brand new Era for UX

zkSync Era supports native Account Abstraction. By combining intuitive UX with self-custody, AA-enabled Smart Accounts are critical to onboard the first billion users to web3.

UX Maximalism

Pushing the frontier, together.

Over 200+ projects — including Chainlink, SushiSwap, Uniswap, Aave, Argent, 1inch, Gnosis, and Curve — have registered their interest to deploy on zkSync Era.

Backed by the best

zkSync has raised capital from the world's top investors in a way that solidifies our mission to scale the security and values of Ethereum.

…and many others

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