Game-changing UX

To bring about mass adoption, we need better UX. zkSync supports native account abstraction, giving developers UX superpowers to bring the first billion users to web3.

By upgrading users from externally owned accounts (EOAs) to smart contract accounts (CAs) you can build experiences that abstract away seed phrases, schedule and automate payments, and pay gas fees in any token — or even pay the gas on a user’s behalf.

No seed phrases

Abstract away private keys and seed phrases prone to getting lost or being hacked.

Account abstraction (AA) enables biometric verification and social recovery via family, friends or a selected third party. Users can sign into Ethereum with their web2 profile and customize permissions for at an individual app level.

Paying fees in any token

Eliminate the friction of funding new wallets with ETH to start transacting.

Allow gas payments in ERC-20s or offset gas fees for users. Gas fees on zkSync are already 10-100x lower than L1, so programmatically subsidizing gas, lowers one of the biggest barriers to entry for your users.

On zkSync, accounts that subsidize gas for other accounts are called Paymasters, swapping the chosen token for ETH behind the scenes.

Docs: Paymasters

Batching complex actions together

Previously, users had to manually approve each contract approval and transaction, creating unnecessary friction and adding fees.

With AA, users can batch multiple operations and sign all of them once. This makes dapp interactions cheaper and faster since it means just one state change on L1.

Uninterrupted user experience

Until today, immersive on-chain entertainment experiences were impossible because every interaction needed signing.

Now users can sign once to start sessions with a preset time and value limits, then make as many interactions as they want within those parameters.

Automatic payments

Automatic payments always relied on non-custodial accounts with an exchange or third party. Not anymore.

Users can create automatic and scheduled transfers, recurring payment subscriptions, and other applications that are impossible today — all while retaining self custody.

Tutorial: Account abstraction

Argent says

“Unlike other ZK-rollups that are EVM compatible… zkSync supports Account Abstraction. Account abstraction turns every account into a smart contract with its own logic. This is huge because it enables everyone to have an account adapted to their needs, making crypto secure and easy for everyone with seamless compatibility.”